It’s More Than Half The Fun

Like you I’m sure, I’ve attended plenty of virtual wine tastings these past few months. For some of these I’ve been sent 3 full bottles, for some I’ve had 4 full bottles and on one I was sent 12. Well I like a glass as much as the next person but three bottles is a bit rich for me and the ambulance service are busy enough without having to deal with me on my way to 12. The flip side of this are these chemistry lab efforts which, in my humble opinion, look worryingly like urine samples, don’t give me enough wine to enjoy a good glass and really struggle to keep the wine in good order.

The solution …. half bottles of course but when you scour around what’s available in the wine trade in the UK you’ll find precious little stock, limited variety and questionable quality. So we’ve gone full steam ahead and we’re getting my favourite wine making friends to put their delicious wines in half bottle giving us really top quality, plenty of stock, good quality and much less cash in our bank account, most of which is great news.

Here’s Adi Badenhorst from Swartland SA wondering what the heck we must be up to making him bottle his delicious family red in halves ….

Here’s what’s in so far. We’ll shortly be getting shipments in from Domaines de Mallandes in Chablis, Durnberg in Austria, Bodegas de la Marquesa in Spain and lots more so much as we don’t want to lives in the virtual world forever more, we’re ready for these tastings not to end in a hurry.

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