Run Your Own Virtual Wine Tasting

Of course, if you want to enjoy a glass of wine or two on screen I’d love it if you came to us to sort that for you but there might be the odd occasion where you don’t want wino Tom chatting wine guff to you for an hour or so and you might want to be the wino yourself.

Here’s what I’ve learned that might help you on your way …

Rule 1: They don’t want another lecture, they don’t want another meeting. Most of us have been spending all day on Teams, Zoom or some other ‘keep in touch’ portal and the thought of joining another one fills most of us with dread I think.

Rule 2: Make the wines good. If you’re going to drag us on screen please let us at least enjoy the wines. They don’t need to be expensive but make them a little bit different and a lot delicious, perhaps something we won’t all have seen in Sainsburys, Tescos or our local corner shop.

Rule 3: Make it fun and interactive. My experience is that the session gets chattier and chattier with each glass poured. Encourage the chat and control it when it gets a bit much. Zoom is by far the best portal to use with plenty of run tools to deploy – breakout rooms, polling etc. etc.

The best format we have found is to use either three full bottles or four half bottles. Pick a theme such as a country (Italy and France are great), Old World vs New World or maybe grape varieties etc.

I’d always recommend starting with a fizz. Pop the cork together to a 3-2-1 countdown then have a good, collective cheers. Then go on to taste one white and either one or two reds.

The real key is to have a fun quiz which you can do either during the tasting or once you have tasted all the wines. I find it fun to taste all the wines, then go back to the beginning to taste them all again whilst doing the quiz. You’ll find all of the wines change in flavour (for the better) with a bit of air and a slight change in temperature.

So there’s the best format I have learned on how to do a wine tasting. Stick to those three rules above and you and your friends will have a blast.

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