We’re Moving

The lead up to Christmas 2020, with none of us allowed out to party made for very busy times on screen sipping, slurping and chatting vino. It’s also been a steep learning curve to work out what works – what wines, how many bottles, what packaging etc. etc. …. and how to stay married? We’ve found the perfect boxes for the deliveries but it’s fair to say that we didn’t have the perfect warehouse, nor the perfect packing solution, brilliant as my team were.

We were busy in the run up to Christmas. 58 wine tastings in 7 weeks, all packed and distributed from my front room, and kitchen, and bedroom and garden shed and anywhere else that had cover in fact. We took working from home to a new level. André, our Parcelforce delivery driver thought we were running some kind of undercover operation that surely must be illegal and family Gilbey showed signs of strain.

So … with no promise of business dying down we’re moving and edging closer to our perfect professional set up. Our wines are steadily arriving in to a beautiful temperature controlled warehouse in East London, our logo’d boxes are soon to arrive together with logo’d corkscrews, drops stops and tasting identifiers. It’s made me very excited in fact and on top of all that we’re moving. Here’s a shot of our matriarche, Granny, checking in our two pallets of boxes in to our new distribution lock up and office …

Exciting times ahead and who knows what they’ll bring us. We’ll be ready though.

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