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Opulence at Cliveden House


We were tasked with creating an experience that would attract this company's top prospects and clients and showcase their capabilities in their offices throughout Europe.


Cliveden was the ideal venue to give the 'pull' for their clients who were flying in from abroad as well as those in and around London and the M4 corridor.

It had the perfect drawing room to showcase some fine wines from Spain and Portugal, with Gondoliers along the river to move us on to Italy and a Francophile's dining room to pay homage to France with the help of their fabulous chef.

The Prompt

A date was set 3 months after the event for the clients to be reunited with their host to enjoy this very special bottle of Portuguese red. Tom ran this wine tasting over Zoom giving plenty of encouragement for all the clients to reconnect with their host and to learn and enjoy the delicous wine.


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