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Barolo DOCG "Buon Padre" Giovanni Viberti 2019

Barolo DOCG "Buon Padre" Giovanni Viberti 2019

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Type: Red
Grape: Nebbiolo
Producer: Viberti
Region: Italy

Tom has been shipping from Claudio at Viberti for nearly 20 years and they're great old friends in the wine trade. We were lucky enough to visit this estate in September 2023 and it is amazing to be able to ship direct from a grower where we can see and imagine exactly where the grapes have come from. These wines are special, with quality and a sense of place at the forefront.

One of the first labels of this estate, this wine has historical significance for Viberti. They make this wine as classic and traditional in the style of Barolo as possible. The grapes come from 8 sites,  all harvested and vinified separately, then blended to make something truly special. The wine has wonderful acidity, the tannins are firm but not as astringent as some young Barolo's.   It's got flavours of black cherry, cedar, raw mushroom and hints of herb.

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